Dear colleagues and friends!

President Igor D. Gregoric, MD

Over the last ten years many alumni from the University of Ljubljana have had the opportunity to visit the Texas Medical Center (TMC) and participate in rotations with many of our institutions such as the Texas Heart Institute, one of the leaders in the research and treatment of cardiac disease, and University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, a world leader in cancer treatment. Many have also had the opportunity to participate in scientific research and publications in reputable medical journals, under the direction and guidance of our faculty and the Texas Heart Institute editorial staff.

Over the years I have enjoyed hosting these visits tremendously to over more than 1000 colleagues and medical students who rotated through the Texas Medical Center. I always wondered how creative it would be to unite everybody in a formal organization. So the idea was born to form the association of all the medical students and physicians who visited our center. To symbolize the “STRIVE FOR PERFECTION AND OUTREACH FOR THE STARS” within this association we named it DRIMS (Društvo za raziskovanje in izobraževanje medicincev Slovenije). As you can imagine, the DRIMS was established through the efforts and teamwork of numerous international colleagues in the medical field.

As Mentor and Co-Founder of this association I would like to share my enthusiasm at the prospect of DRIMS members meeting and interacting with world renowned Texas Medical Center experts who will be giving lectures and/or presentations on yearly basis. My mission is not only to maintain collaborations between TMC and Slovene medical community, but also to enhance the opportunities for all of you who have visited TMC and all of those in the future to come. I feel this would benefit the population of Slovenia by bringing some fresh air into the Slovenian Medical Field and expanding our shared knowledge and expertise on both sides of the Atlantic.


Igor D Gregoric, MD
Honorary President of the DRIMS Association