Application process

IMPORTANT NOTE: Until further notice only students from the University of Ljubljana (not University of Maribor) can apply for the rotation!

Step 1

Each month there are 5 elective rotation placements available in CV Surgery an 5 in Cardiology. Before applying make sure you check the List of Houston Elective Rotation Vacancies for available spots. The list is refreshed twice a year, make sure you only apply for vacant spots.

Step 2 – Application

To apply, the following application form must be filled out at least 5 months before the planned rotation. Make sure you only apply for vacant spots.

Application for the Rotation

After the application expect a confirmation email within 72 hours. If the placement is no longer available during that time the coordinator will let you know. While waiting for the confirmation you can still cancel your rotation without any consequences. After your rotation is confirmed, your data is forwarded to the USA and cancellations are no longer possible (except in the event of unexpected complications).

Step 3 – Documents

As soon as you receive the confirmation you can start preparing all the required documents (see below). The documents must be received in the USA at least 3 months before the planned rotation in order to successfully obtain the required F-1 visa from UTHealth.

The following documents are required for obtaining an I-20 form:

1 Biodata Information Form (example)
2 Dean’s Letter
3 Transcript of Records (official transcript with dean’s signature)
4 Financial Resources Form (example for sponsorship funding) (example for personal funding)
5 Immunization History Form (example)
6 Malpractice Insurance (example)
7 Bank Statement (confirmation of balance greater than $2205/$4410) (example)
8 Proof of Travel Insurance (in english)
9 Copy of the whole passport
10 English Language Certificate
11 Elective International Application Form (example)
12 Two Letters of Recommendation (from MDs)

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Students that are applying for the rotation for two months must send two originals of all of the above documents. Financial Resources Form and Bank Statement must state funds of $4410.**

The official Transcript of Records will be issued by the Student Office. Students must bring the documents no. 9-12 to the International Office that will acquire the dean’s signature.

If you wish for the rotation to be part of your surgery or internal medicine curriculum additional documents might be required. Check the FAQ page for additional information.

Send the documents to:

Eva M. Pongratz
Center for Advanced Heart Failure,
6400 Fannin Street, Suite. 2350
Houston, TX 77030

Make sure all the documents are filled out properly before sending them as any mistakes will delay processing of your application and increase the mailing expenses. Only send all 12 original documents at once. Make copies for your personal records.

UPS service is recommended (UPS Express). Their courier will collect the shipment and provide appropriate envelope (UPS envelope). You can reduce the cost if the whole group for that month sends the documents together (but mind the deadline!).

Step 4 – Visa

A month or two after sending all of the required documents you will receive the I-20 form which you will require for obtaining the F-1 student visa. Once you receive the I-20 form (by regular mail), you have to fill out the Visa Application Form DS-160 , pay the SEVIS fee (online) and apply for an interview at the Embassy of the USA in Ljubljana, where you will have to additionaly pay the administration fee.